December 1st is World AIDS Day
Thank you to everyone who wrote letters following Hilary Clinton's Speech November 8th - we had over 70 letters submitted and many were published (If yours was published let us know at Time to continue the push to expand HIV funding and not allow Congress to cut funding in the US or abroad.   What can you do? This Thursday, December 1st, President Obama or Secretary Clinton will speak again about our country's national AIDS strategy. Secretary Clinton made a commitment to an "AIDS-free generation" during her last speech but left out any funding commitment or treatment target. Our goals is a treatment target of 6 million new patients on treatment by 2013 .We need to put the public pressure on the Obama Administration to support him in asking Congress for full funding. 

Again we ask you to fill out an LTE and send it to your local paper!

To increase the chance of publishing the LTE

  • Please personalize the letter (let them know what school your from or a line about why HIV matters to you)
  • Keep the word count under 150.


Step 1 - Select a Recipient

 Choose the major newspaper in your hometown or city which you attend school.  

Even better - write two unique LTEs one for your hometown paper and one for you local school paper.

Look for papers within miles of zip code

Step 2 - Write your message