Support H.R. 1843 REPEAL Act to end HIV/AIDS Discrimination

On May 7th, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D- CA) introduced the Repeal Existing Policies that Encourage and Allow Legal HIV Discrimination Act (REPEAL Act).

With bipartisan support, this act serves to address the current status of criminal and civil laws that discriminate against defendants who test positive for HIV.  The bill supports modernizing our law system to address the medical and social truths of people living with HIV. Our criminal system has not caught up with modern medical practices and the REPEAL act addresses the low risk of transmission in treated patients, as well as the success of current HIV treatments in containing this manageable disease. Today, laws that treat HIV positive individuals under selective legal protocols are at odds with our current US public health goals and HIV prevention strategies.

The bill will develop an action plan for states to update their criminal laws eliminating this discrimination and replacing current penalties with non-felony charges. In addition, the bill allows for monitoring of changes made by states regarding these laws. This act is supported by the Presidential Advisory Council's resolution on HIV decriminalization.

Act today!  Ask your representative to endorse the REPEAL act and end HIV legal discrimination.