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The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) has long fought for issues affecting the group of people that has now become known as the 99% - our neighbors, our colleagues, our patients, our families, the lucky and the less fortunate, everyone who makes up the patchwork quilt of the United States. Occupy Wall Street and the coinciding solidarity Occupations around the country and the world have brought popularity to the idea we must refocus our priorities away from the 1% of the population that hold almost a quarter of our nation's wealth and instead emphasize providing fair and equitable resources to the rest of us - whether through health care, education, access to food, housing, or any other of the myriad fundamental rights that are out of reach of so many. That our priority should be the 99%.  

AMSA lends its voice in solidarity with the Occupy Movement in pursuit of equitable policies for the 99%. We ask you to contribute your voice as well by signing the petition below. Additionally, we encourage you to share any stories you might have about your experiences with the 99% - whether it's a personal story, a story about your friends or family, or based on a patient encounter. Lastly, if you'd like us to connect you with other health professional students in your area that have also expressed an interest in joining the movement, mark the appropriate box.

We, the undersigned, are concerned by the status of access to rights in our country. Access to healthcare. Access to education. Access to healthy food. Access to secure housing. Access to a fair job at a fair wage. Access to outdoor spaces and safe neighborhoods. We are aware that health is the product of many factors, and while having access to quality affordable healthcare is critical, these other social determinants of health are even more powerful.

While the richest 1% continue to amass greater and greater wealth, the rest of the 99% sees our social safety net slashed with cuts to health programs, schools, food stamps, unemployment coverage, disability, student loans. Calls for the 1% to contribute their fair share, for us to rethink our policies and funding priorities, are met with cries of class warfare. Meanwhile, average Americans struggle to make ends meet, to provide food and shelter for their families, to pay for medications. They work themselves to the bone just to tread water, unable to get ahead and seeing the American dream slipping away for them and their families.

As this nation's future health professionals, we call on America to change its priorities. It's time to refocus on the people and potential of the 99%. To develop equitable policies that support all of us to work hard and earn a decent living. To be rewarded for our efforts. To be assured that our country will take care of us should we fall on hard times. And to give everyone the opportunity to be well.

We stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movements around this country and around the world. We stand in solidarity with the 99%. We stand in support of rights. We will stand and speak against those who continue to promote societal inequities that make all of us sicker. We will stand and we will not be silenced.
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229 Tue Jun 03 00:43:33 EDT 2014 Katie VanNatta Kansas City, MO
228 Wed Jun 13 13:48:58 EDT 2012 Jessica Stewart Bellingham, WA
227 Fri Apr 27 01:31:49 EDT 2012 Rathi Asaithambi TX
226 Tue Feb 07 17:45:09 EST 2012 Nisha Shah CO
225 Sun Jan 08 21:40:14 EST 2012 marce abare 23438908324, MI
224 Mon Dec 12 13:53:10 EST 2011 Sarah Keating Albany, NY
223 Sat Dec 03 22:56:21 EST 2011 heather rowley Brooklyn, NY
222 Sat Dec 03 22:34:19 EST 2011 Andrew Simmons NEW YORK, NY
221 Sat Dec 03 21:58:43 EST 2011 Fredi Lessac NYC, NY
220 Sat Dec 03 17:54:18 EST 2011 Iman Hassan NY
219 Sat Dec 03 11:18:17 EST 2011 James Besante Belen, NM “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services ...”
218 Fri Dec 02 21:35:32 EST 2011 Robert Stanlel Bronx , NY
217 Fri Dec 02 18:11:53 EST 2011 William Thar Summit, NJ New Jersey PNHP supports AMSA and Health Professions students who believe that health care in the U.S. should be a Right not a privilege.
216 Fri Dec 02 17:38:04 EST 2011 Sara Whitmore NY
215 Fri Dec 02 11:50:52 EST 2011 Lindsey Fuller Bronx, NY
214 Fri Dec 02 10:53:47 EST 2011 Cora Walsh new york, NY
213 Thu Dec 01 14:10:53 EST 2011 Rebecca MacDonell-Yilmaz Farmingville, NY
212 Thu Dec 01 10:31:31 EST 2011 Joel Levy Washington, DC
211 Thu Dec 01 09:41:07 EST 2011 Jim Recht Cambridge, MA Here in Boston, our Health Justice Working Group has worked in solidarity with OccupyBoston to support the occupiers and to educate the broader public regarding health care inequities and how to eliminate More....
210 Thu Dec 01 01:09:05 EST 2011 Chris Clifford Reno, NV
209 Wed Nov 30 21:06:51 EST 2011 Sherrie Serrano NV
208 Wed Nov 30 20:25:56 EST 2011 Megan Wichser Atlanta, GA
207 Wed Nov 30 17:49:02 EST 2011 Mary OBrien New York, NY
206 Wed Nov 30 14:25:46 EST 2011 Martin Gagne Westbury, NY
205 Tue Nov 29 22:20:28 EST 2011 Giselle Falconi long island city, NY
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