H.R. 676 Medicare for All reintroduced in the House of Representatives!

On Thursday February 14th,  H.R. 676 “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act” was re-introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep John Conyers Jr. (D-Michigan).  The bill creates single-payer health insurance building a publicly-financed, privately-delivered system that builds on the existing Medicare program.  It is the only bill of its kind that guarantees access to comprehensive, high quality, affordable health care for all U.S. residents. 

After passing The Affordable Care Act, Congress’ efforts have been focused on implementing this new legislation.  The benefits of the ACA are numerous and more Americans are receiving healthcare coverage than ever before.  With an expansion of Medicaid and insurance vouchers we are increasing the safety net of coverage.  However, these benefits are modest and still leave up to 30 million Americans uninsured with health care costs continuing to rise.

The majority of Americans support healthcare for all and 59% of physicians support national health insurance.  Join the ranks and take action in support of single-payer healthcare.

This year 37 original co-sponsors have committed to the bill, an increase of 12 from the bill’s last introduction. Contact your Representatives now and encourage them to support health care for all as co-sponsors!

The current list of co-sponsors for H.R. 676 as of Feb. 13, 2013:

Nadler (NY), Schakowsky (IL), Pingree (ME), Grijalva (AZ), Ellison (MN), Hank Johnson (GA), Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX), Takano (CA), Holmes-Norton (DC), Lofgren (CA), Rangel (NY), Moore (WI), Chu (CA), Al Green (TX), Farr (CA), McGovern (MA), Welch (VT), Clarke (NY), Lee (CA), Nolan (MN), Pocan (WI), Doyle (PA), Engel (NY), Gutierrez (IL), Frederica Wilson ( FL), Cohen (TN), Edwards (MD), McDermott (WA), Clay (MO), Huffman (CA), Roybal-Allard (CA), Cummings (MD), Yarmuth (KY), George Miller (CA), Honda (CA), Christiansen (VI), and Rush (IL).