Health Students for Health Access for the 99%

Sunday, December 4th, 2011 - 11am
Rally and March in New York City

On December 4th, health professional students from various folds and from around the country will come together in New York City, and at Occupations around the country, to join in solidarity with the 99%. We will raise our voices to advocate for health - both access to healthcare and eliminating the social disparities that affect health. We invite you to join us in pushing for a just and equitable society that provides for the fundamental rights of every member of that society.

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The rally will use the "people's mic" and will feature speakers from a variety of fields addressing a variety of factors affecting health, and calling for changes to our unjust and inequitable system. We will then march to Liberty Plaza, the site of the original Occupation, passing City Hall and New York City Health Department. After our arrival in Liberty Plaza, anyone who wishes to speak about their experiences with health inequities will be encouraged to do so using the "people's mic". Following the speakout, the Healthcare for the 99% Working Group will be meeting in Liberty Plaza - all are welcome to attend!

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Some additional information:

  • This rally is a peaceful, non-violent exercise of our rights to free speech and assembly. We do not condone or encourage violence or destruction of property.
  • We intend to comply with relevant laws during the rally and march - as such we will not be using amplified sound and we will be marching on public sidewalks. We do not intend for anyone to be arrested while participating in this day of solidarity.
  • While our goals are for a peaceful rally with no arrests, we can make no guarantees of personal safety. At any public event, it is prudent to be aware of your environment and respond appropriately. If you are arrested, AMSA is not able to assist with legal advice - we recommend that you keep the phone number for the National Lawyers Guild handy if you think there is any chance you might be subject to arrest.
  • For more advice on how to protest safely and legally, check out this guide from
  • Learn more about the Occupy movement and why AMSA is getting involved.
  • Download our Rally Guide

If you have questions, please contact us!

Rally route:

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Video by James Ronayne, MS4